Geraldine MANDIN

First ride together

With my friend Brigitte, we managed our first training together: 35km! a first for me and me did it (Kinross - Scarborough - West Leederville).

Looking for the next one around the river :).


I'm challenging myself for cancer research

Cancer is a terrible burden. I am lucky enought as so far, no one in my close family or friend have been through the journey of battling cancer.

This year, after not thinking too much about it but willing to support as much as possible the Perkins Researchers, I am joining in a 2-day, 200km bike ride to raise funds for cancer research right here in WA at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

I am also convince that any discovery will help many and lead to cure more than cancer. It can also help support everyone, families and friends.

I will train and fundraise in the lead up to the event. I would really appreciate your support. If you can't join me (I'd love the company), please help me raise money to reach my goal.

thank you :).


J'ai la chance de ne pas avoir ete touché par la cancer de trop prte. Mais j'ai entendu et suivi de loin des histoires de vie.

J'ai aussi la chance de travailler dans un cadre merveilleux , avec des chcercheurs dediés a trouver, comprendre.

Cette année, c'est décider, sans trop réfléchir, je participerais a cette ballade en velo de 200km, pour soutenir la recherche. Pour cela, j'ai besoin de recolter des fonds.

Que l'aventure commence! Merci.😊 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gérard Et Lilise Brizard

On est avec toi Géraldine. Gros bisous de nous 2


Richard Lipscombe

Good luck and enjoy the ride!


Robyn Taylor

Good luck Geraldine. This is an amazing ride and I know you will do well!


Helle Christophersen

Good on you Geraldine



Go-Go-Go Geraldine!!! you can do it!!


Brice Juteau

Bravo et bon courage.


Annette Thompson


Blan Et Cie

Allez Gé. Tu vas y arriver. BRAVO 👏


Sebastien Duclert

Bravo et bon courage de la part de la famille Duclert.


Vanessa Mevel

Bonne chance ! Super effort. Bises




Woodside Matched Donation


Théa Mandin

I love you!!!!!!!!!!


Isabel Thompson


Tenielle George

Amazing, best of luck with the ride!


Celine Gros

Allez les filles. Derrière vous pour ce super challenge et pour cette bonne cause.


Helen Knowles

I admire your determination and cause. Thank you.


Brigitte Hannaire

Looking forward to our next ride together...and next Movie night fundraiser


Natalie Contos

Good on you Geraldine!


Mercedes De Deseo

Best wishes ma chère!!


Laure Braconnier

Good luck for the km! and good work :)


Kathy Davern

Good luck Geraldine. I cant make the film night, so thought I'd donate to you


Serani Van Dommelen

Go Geraldine! You are doing a great effort!


Gilles Et Nanou Mandin


Collaborative Party 3.0


Marc Stephan

Alle Geraldine, alle Brigitte!!! Bonne balade!


Fabien Et Stephanie Giraud

Vas-y Gégé!


Virginie Gordonnat

Bravo Géraldine 😍


Damien Mandin

Ride, Gg Ride, Ride Gg... Good Luck Lovy.


Leonie Allison

Much admiration from me, well done. Xx


Caroline Muscat

Good luck Geraldine!!!!




Geraldine Mandin


Patrick Jeannerat

Fantastic move, Geraldine!


Gwen Pfleger

You’ve got this gorgeous xxx

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