Get rewards for your fundraising. We've put together a selection of special rewards to recognise your amazing fundraising efforts. The more you raise, the bigger the reward. What kind of crusader will you be?

Cancer 200

RAISE $2,500 and be rewarded with your very own Cancer 200 Jersey 2019 limited edition.


RAISE $4,000 and you're a Silver Crusader, complete with a pair of branded silver sleeves to wear along with your jersey. 


HIT $7,000 and you're wearing a pair of branded gold sleeves - with a starting position after the cancer survivors. You'll also receive free entry in the 2020 MACA Cancer 200 ride. 


RAISE $10,000 and there's two branded emerald sleeves for you! You'll be leading the ride with cancer survivors and afterwards, enjoy a priority massage at the overnight camp. In continued recognition of your incredible fundraising efforts, a special invitation to the MACA Cancer 200 thank you event is yours, along with a framed thank you certificate and free entry in the 2020 MACA Cancer 200 ride.


RAISE $15,000 and get your limited edition diamond jersey, reserved especially for our highest fundraisers! Along with all the rewards of an Emerald Crusader, your valuable support will be recognised at the overnight camp. 

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