There are many different ways to take part in the MACA Cancer 200 Ride

You may like to join or lead a team and get behind a great cause with your colleagues. Perhaps you’d like to team up with a group of mates or maybe the Ride is a challenge you’d like to tackle on your own. Whatever the case, there’s options to suit everyone.

Community Teams

The MACA Cancer 200’s community teams are groups of individuals from the community coming together to help fight cancer. Community teams come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. You might form a team that includes local sports club mates, cycle club enthusiasts, extended families, or your close friends – the options are endless.

Forming a community team starts with asking someone to join you. Remember, asking someone to ride with you will be more powerful if you have already signed up. Once you have registered as a team captain, you’ll also have access to fundraising and event tools designed to make your life easier.

Corporate Teams

The MACA Cancer 200 is fortunate to have teams from many of Australia’s leading companies that believe in giving back to the community in which they live and work. When a corporate team comes together to fight cancer, it’s extremely powerful. Many of our corporate teams are open and invite their family and friends to join them on their fundraising and cycling journey.

The benefits for your workplace and employees by joining the MACA Cancer 200 are profound. Many of our returning corporate teams note higher levels of workplace happiness, productivity and stronger working relationships as a result of being a part of our ride. It can also increase workplace health - our Title Sponsor, MACA reportedly lost one tonne of weight in the lead up to the ride one year!

Forming a corporate team starts with asking someone at work to join you. And your ask will be much more powerful if you have already signed up yourself. Once you have registered as a team captain, you will have access to a suite of fundraising and recruitment tools to make your life easier.


Riding Solo

Are you a weekend warrior who loves the solitude of the great open road? Or a passionate individual who just wants to make a big difference? We understand that group riding isn’t for everyone, so you have the option of registering as a solo rider in the MACA Cancer 200 - Ride for Research.

But don’t worry – you’ll never be alone!  Our solo riders receive all of the same ongoing training and fundraising event support as our team riders, and you will be paired up with an exclusive Event Expert to support you along your journey.  

There are lots of opportunities to meet fellow riders in the lead up to the event, and on the event weekend itself you’ll meet hundreds of like-minded riders, and many solo riders come back as part of a team the following year. 

If you would like to join a team when you register, let us know at ride@perkins.org.au and we’ll find you a good fit.

Want to be a team captain?

As a team captain, it’s your job to keep your team organised and up to date with the latest information about the MACA Cancer 200.

With larger teams, we can help you design a leadership structure that assists you to delegate some responsibilities to a select group of your teammates to make your life easier and to help raise as much as possible - and look good doing it, thanks to your Team Jersey Manager!

As the team captain, you will be the main point of contact with your Perkins fundraising coach, being only a call, text or email away.

Team captains are provided with special resources to help you help your team, such as scripted emails and texts to help you recognise your team members for hitting fundraising and training milestones.

We can also put you in touch with some of our more seasoned team captains who are always happy to share their knowledge from leading teams over the years.

If you would like to start a team and be the team captain, either register or get in touch with your fundraising coach at ride@perkins.org.au