Is there something you are a little anxious about for the ride?

The unpredictable weather?

Queuing for the toilet when you arrive at camp?

Raise $5,000 and you'll be in the draw to WIN the Perkins Potty of Power!

Pardon our potty mouth - because this page is all about how you could WIN your very own VIP camp toilet!

Our Event Manager, Tom, wants to assure you that the toilet situation at camp is more than comfortable...

BUT... imagine walking straight past the line, along your very own red carpet, and straight to your very own throne. 

To be in the running to win the Perkins Potty of Power all you need to do is raise $5,000 on your individual fundraising page. 

The lucky winner will get exclusive use of the Perkins Potty of Power overnight at camp! 

You will be VIP-eeing if you win!

The Potty of Power is kitted out with a red carpet, luxury soap, a hand dryer that will always work, a double flush, and (of course) double ply! 

And the best part?! No waiting in line hoping that you get a cubicle with toilet paper! 

And if you win?

We'll give you a call to share the good news. 

You'll be able to share your golden throne with your team mates...

or keep it all to yourself!

As soon as you raise $5,000 you are entered into the draw to win. 

GOOD LUCK! A lot of people are busting to win this one!