The Ride

No ride is more community-focused, heartfelt or inspirational than the MACA Cancer 200 Challenge.

For the last nine years, the MACA Cancer 200 has raised over $30m for WA cancer research. Because of your ongoing support, researchers have made significant breakthroughs that have led to kinder treatments and advances in the Perkins goal to make cancer non-lethal.

This year, the Ride has had a COVID-19 makeover. To keep you safe and abide by social distancing guidelines, in 2020 the ride will be a 200km personal challenge held over two days in October.
You get to ride your way, set your own fundraising target and support life-saving WA cancer research.

On October 10 -11, 1000 riders will line up all around Australia to take on the challenge and fight cancer through supporting medical research at the Perkins.

You can be as inventive as you like as to where and how you ride your 200km. You could do it on a stationary bike on a mine site up north. You could do it along the coast down south. You could do it with your family relay style. You can even ride with your teammates (abiding by social distancing guidelines) and stay overnight somewhere to replicate the full camp experience. Whatever way you want to crush your 200km – we’re here to support you.

Unlike other rides, the MACA Cancer 200 Challenge, is not a race. It’s an emotional, challenging, personal event where you start as strangers and end as a family. All abilities and fitness levels are welcome.

If you happen to see a yellow flag on a bike over the Ride weekend, then reach out with encouragement as these incredible people are our cancer survivors or in treatment. We ride for them and beside them.

Remember, we ride to do something bigger than we could achieve alone, to strengthen our minds and bodies and to provide hope to people living with cancer.

Challenge Yourself