Our Volunteer Crew is vital in keeping our riders motivated, hydrated, fed and safe.

By generously volunteering your time, you are supporting our mission to fight the cancers that are taking our loved ones from us.

You cannot begin to understand the impact of a friendly face to a tired rider, as they take on their 200km journey by bike to help put an end to cancer.

So, if you love to shake a pom pom, high five a passerby or simply want to make a difference, please consider volunteering for the Ride.

As part of your volunteer role, you will receive a t-shirt, food and drink during your shift, and an exclusive invite to a post-event thank you celebration! And, if you would like to volunteer for the whole weekend (thank you!), camp accommodation will also be provided.

Mark early October down in your calendar – this is when we will be needing amazing volunteers to:

  • Pack Rider packs full of goodies
  • Hand out those packs with a smile
  • See riders off at the start line
  • Cheer riders on at the finish line
  • Help pack and unpack rider baggage and equipment
  • Set up Ride Village in Mandurah

We will reach out when shifts become available. Sign up below to volunteer and help in the fight against cancer.

Please contact volunteer@perkins.org.au if you have any questions.

Perkins volunteering is guided by Volunteering Australia’s volunteer rights and checklist, available here.