I pledge to raise $15,000

Individual Diamond Riders have been acknowledged as part of the Ride since its inception but this year, we are going one step further and bringing this remarkable group together to form our most elite club.

Riders who pledge to raise $15,000 are fundraising trailblazers who graciously help ensure that cancer research at the Perkins continue no matter what. Their support ensures that targeted treatments and better health outcomes for those affected by cancer can continue without interruption.


As one of the Ride’s most elite fundraisers, you will not only fuel significant research but will also enjoy exclusive benefits that recognise your outstanding contribution. You will receive all Honour Roll and Harry’s Heroes rewards plus further exclusive, curated rewards that will be waiting for you at Pack Pick up, the week before the event, or ready for you on the event day. Please note that to receive some rewards you will need to have reached Diamond Rider status by Friday 27 September.


Honour Roll Benefits

Harry's Heroes Benefits

Founder Member Pin

Dedicated Clubhouse at Camp

Personalised Windbreaker

Diamond Jersey