What is the current situation regarding Covid-19 and the Ride?

We are monitoring the Covid-19 situation on a daily basis and taking advice from State and Federal Government authorities. Currently, the Ride will go ahead on 10 and 11 October 2020 as planned. This is a dynamic situation that we are monitoring closely and we will keep you informed of any changes. Our main priority is to mitigate any risk to you, our amazing supporters. The Ride is so important to help fight cancer and we will continue to provide you with the latest information about the virus and how it may impact this event. Thank you for your patience and understanding but most importantly for your steadfast commitment to the MACA Cancer 200.

What is the current medical advice about COVID19?

From a medical perspective, most of us - even if we become infected - will have a relatively minor respiratory illness. However, we have an important duty of care not to spread it. This is especially relevant to immunocompromised patients and those undergoing cancer treatment or who have underlying chronic conditions such as diabetes.

This is the advice we are following here at the Perkins.

  • Soap and water. The single most valuable thing each of us can do is wash our hands with soap and water for about 30 seconds often (I sing Happy Birthday twice through). COVID-19 is a relatively puny and labile virus, so take satisfaction with the destruction you are wreaking upon it with your soap and water or hand sanitiser.  
  • Elbow bumps. Start practicing elbow bumps, ankle taps or bows instead of handshakes or hugs. It’s cool to keep a little distance. 
  • Don’t "soldier on”.  If you have symptoms and are feeling unwell, it is important to confirm or refute the diagnosis and stay out of circulation until you do. This includes not training with friends or teammates.
  • Masks. Wearing a typical surgical type mask will not protect you from the virus. The only mask said to protect from the virus is an N95 version, which are not readily available in supermarkets and shops. People who need to wear a mask in public are those who have the disease or those being tested for the virus because they have symptoms. Their primary use is to limit droplet spread of the virus.

If you think you are displaying any of the symptoms, please consider going to one of the three WA COVID19 clinics, where you will be seen by doctors who can assess if you should be tested for the virus. If you are tested, then it’s very important that you self-isolate UNTIL YOU KNOW THE RESULT. If you do have the disease, then the medical teams will look after you. For most patients, it will be self-isolation at home because the illness is mild and resolves without any major issues.

Thank you for your support and stay healthy!

More information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found via www.health.gov.au including the following publication:


Want to talk to the team?

If you’ve got questions we haven’t answered here, call the team on 08 6151 0759 or email ride@perkins.org.au

How do I register for the MACA Cancer 200 Ride for Research? 

Registering is easy. Click HERE , fill out the form, pay the registration fee and we will be in touch to get you on your fundraising journey.

When is the ride?

The MACA Cancer 200 Ride for Research in 2020 will be leaving and returning to the Optus Stadium, on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October.

How far is the ride?

Starting at Optus Stadium you will ride approximately 100kms to Hall Park in Mandurah. There you will enjoy food, drinks, speeches, tears and laughter before camping overnight and returning to Optus Stadium the following day.... Yep that is another 100kms! which makes 200kms (almost).....

Where do we sleep?

To get the most out of the whole experience and really absorb the emotion and fun of the weekend, we encrouage all riders to camp in Mandurah on the evening. We provide 1 tent per person (but you can share), hot showers, toilets, amazing catering and there's a bar, the "HANDLEBAR" to be exact. We organise transport for all your camping equipment and personal belongings. It is best experience and the best way to get the most out of all of your hard work and effort.

We do understand, however, that camping is not possible for everyone and there are many nearby accommodation options. If you do decide to sleep off site, you are more than welcome to leave your bike in the secure facilities at Hall Park overnight.

Is there support along the ride route?

Yes! Traffic management, food and drink stops, toilets, bike mechanics, cheering stations and first aid are all provided along the route free of charge to help get you to the finish line safely and with a smile!

We have dedicated teams making sure you are well looked after across the whole weekend.

Will there be a challenge route?

Yes! Like 2019, there will be a challenge route for the super keen cyclists. It will be hilly and it will be hard but that's why it is there, right?

Stay tuned we will be announcing the challenge route soon.

What if I get injured?

An ambulance and first aid crew are on hand for the entire event so you will always have support should you need it. We also have vehicles on hand to transport you and your bike to various stages along the way should you just need a little support.