What is the minimum fundraising amount?

Each rider commits to raising $2,500 per person. This means that every single person at the start line in October will have raised an incredible $2,500 or more. Historically, the average amount raised per person is over $3,500, which goes to show that it really is possible!

How do I collect donations?

After registering you will instantly receive your own personal fundraising site which you can personalise with your own stories and pics. You will collect all of your donations via this page. Sharing the link to this page via social media, emails and in person will take potential donors straight to your own fundraising campaign. Research proves that making a self-donation to your page encourages your friends and family to follow suit – so remember to make it a generous one!

Are donations tax deductible?

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and a tax receipt will instantly be sent to your donors after all donations.

Can I raise funds offline?

Yes you can collect cash donations offline and process them through your fundraising page.

Is it hard to raise $2,500?

$2,500 can seem like a lot of money to raise.  It is a challenge, but then so is riding 200kms. We have coached thousands of people to raise $2,500 and beyond. Once you have registered you will be set up with your personal Fundraising Coach who can run you through fundraising tips, tricks and best practices.

What percentage of the donation goes to the Perkins?

100% of the donation goes to the Perkins. The charity runs the event now to reduce costs and ensure that all profits go directly back into research.