We want you to be prepared as possible, and we’re here to help every pedal of the way! 

200km might seem a long way – and it is – but with some training, it’s absolutely achievable for almost everyone!

1. Our training and information guides

The MACA Cancer 200 team has created a series of official training and information guides. These guides include tips on general training, nutrition, hydration, safety, what to wear, bike maintenance, bike fit and bike handling plus more. All guides are available for download on the training guides page.

2. Train with your team

Improve your fitness and get ready for the ride alongside your team members!  Most teams nominate a member to plan and lead training rides.  Ask your team captain, or nominate yourself to take up this challenge.  Training together builds fitness and is a great team building exercise, not to mention the protein loading breakfast after.

3. Train alone

The earlier you start training, the better!  There are so many beautiful cycling paths around Perth which you can explore on the weekends. Riding to work is also a great opportunity to get your training in (and save on fuel and parking costs!).

We recommend starting to get serious about your training in the two months before the ride. This includes riding a few times a week, and aiming to reach around 100km per week. One long ride on the weekend, in addition to shorter mid-week rides will help you achieve this.

Weather not great? Train indoors on your wind trainer or a stationary bike.