Kevin Clark

I’m riding to beat cancer

There isn’t a single person I know that hasn’t been touched by cancer. Whether it’s through a loved one, friend, family member or it’s much more personal, cancer is a terrible burden.

In 2023, I’m taking a stand against cancer and backing the brilliant brains at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

These WA researchers are committed to finding answers faster and developing ground-breaking treatments for the hardest to treat cancers.

Because no one should have to hear those two life-altering words, “It’s cancer.”

I’m training, fundraising and riding 200km to support WA cancer research. But I’m not doing it alone, there’s a growing group of riders who return year after year to this ride. They do so not only because it’s lifechanging but because the event feels like a big reunion - where all the guests are the family you love!

I’d be so grateful for your support.

If you can’t join me (I’d love the company), please give generously to my fundraising page.

Together, we can help make cancer history.

Your Impact

So far this year I helped provide…


300 hours of medical research

hours of research

Funds raised over the years

Thank you to my Sponsors


Michelle Pomana

Your an inspiration. All the best for Kiera and your upcoming event


Brigid O'brien

All the best Kevie. Another great effort coming up.


Darrin Hennessey

thanks for all your effort's Kevy


James Whitehouse

Good on ya Kev


Dylan Hennessey

good on you kevvy!


Jason Barnett

Go Kev.





Love your work Kev.


John Vink

Once again, a great cause. Ride safely, Kev.


Ronnie Mclean

Great effort every year Kev, keep it going buddy.


Brooke Odonnell


Hannah Alexander

lets go Kevvy!


Wai Wan


Orla Harte

Best of luck Kev :)



Great cause, Good luck for the ride!


Brent S

Always happy to support you in this worthy endeavour Kev!


Kim Mais

Keep up the great work Kev! We are all cheering for you.


Heather Little

Great effort once again Kev!



thanks Kevin


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Kevin Clark

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