Blue Diamond Machinery 2023

Our Impact

So far this year we helped provide…


300 hours of medical research

hours of research

Thank you to our Sponsors


Blast Pro Pty Ltd

Good luck Mark great cause


Chris Simpson


Timothy Doling

Thanks for raising awareness Mark. Everyone has had some effect from this illness. I personally lost my mom when I was 11... hurts every day.


Michael Lucchesi


Angus Befound


Shane Jones


Brad Pitts


Wuxi Aplus Power Machinery Co., Ltd.

Thank you, Mark.


Rob Sharpe

Good luck Mark, it's a great cause!


Thomas Manufacturing

Keep up the good work Mark!


Gary Woodhead

Great cause Mark. Looking forward to following your progress


Kin Poon

Awesome Mark!


Michael Chester

Good Luck all for a great cause


Aaron Ledbury

Good on you Mark - such a great cause. Good luck with the ride!


Clinton Keenan


Jeff Papas


Mark Bevan

Awesome work Mark for a great cause


James Tibos

Well done Mark - Knowing you mate , you will probably make a few generator sales along the journey as well...


Mark Davis


Tunney Western

Great Cause!


Kevin Storer


Mark Davis




Aldwin King


Oek Thailand


Terry Slavin



How many cafe stops over 200kms? Stay safe mate


Matt Lushey