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MAMILS? The do whaaat????

Craig's Story



Our story is about two mates who had known each other since early high school in the mid 80’s. 6 years ago one of them discovered that they had throat cancer, this husband and father of two young children then faced the grim journey of treatment and recovery.

The other mate feeling quite helpless about it all saw an ad on TV for the ride and signed himself up to commit to raise $2,500 and ride 200km in two days.

The great news is that whilst going through hell and back with the chemo and radiation treatment, it was successful! What makes this an even better story is that this now fully recovered cancer survivor walked over to the registration desk at the end of last years ride and signed himself and his mate up for the 2013 ride..and thus team MAMILS was born!

Each wonderful member of Team MAMILS rides for they’re own very special reason.

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 Craig works at and is sponsored by

WellStrategic - Drone Operators Perth

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Brad Mackay


Yahava Koffee Van Customers!

Thanks to Jase and his generous customers! Best Koffee in Perth by the beach on Whitfords Ave every weekday morning!


Yahava Koffee Van Customers!

I'm going you halves in these tins mate.


Lisa Godfrey

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