Gibson Nolte

800km ride? Sure, why not?

See that guy in the photo there? As well as being quite handsome, that guy has foolishly decided to join the KAMILS, a crack squad of idiot MAMILS team members who will be riding from Kalgoorlie to Perth in time to join the 800 other MACA Cancer 200 riders as we loop 200km down to Mandurah and back.

That's over 800km I'll be riding - all to raise money to kick cancer's a$$!

This year the MAMILS have set a fundraising target of $100,000 for cancer research, right here in WA at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

Please help me, help the Perkins, help people with cancer. It's win-win!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jo And Ben Morgan



You’re my hero, Gibby. May the wind Gods be kind and may your Odyssey be a safe and happy one. Love you lots xxx


Dana Miltins

You're unreal x


Mandy Kuba

Gibs, love your work and thank you for doing what you’re doing. Great cause. Good luck. X



Well if Betty can get $1 per lap at the Lap-a-thon, you should get $1 per km on your ride.


Youwere Lucky


David And Cheryl



Joe & Rach

Break like the wind you beautiful, mad bastard.


Mindy Schaper


Rosemary Mcelhinney


Kath & Luke Ford

800ks - hell yeah! There was a couple of times in Kal where if I had a bike I reckon I would have given it a red hot go.. Go man, GO!!!


Jude Leon

Don’t go chaffing my heart 💓


Ben ‘the Blade’ Laden

Damn you Nolte. A great cause and too sexy for Milan. Ok I’ll donate. You noble b’stard. See ya soon in Perf.


Jac And Roxy Mckenzie

So proud of you... AGAIN!!! Much love and power to you!!!


Jess Hankinson


Sally Richardson

Go you good thing!! Big love X


Amanda Ryding

Ride well but for the love of all that’s good, please remain covered!


Kate Frichot


Libby Klysz

Legend. This one's for Uncle Two Fruits.


Kate Mulvany

Love you. Thank you. Go get em. X


Lincoln Hefferen

Way to go Gibson! Enjoy the WEEK!


Kentan Engineering

Welcome to the team


Ben And Elisha Dagger

Good on you mate


Leigh Krake


Piers Ford

Done that drive more times than I can count G... Bullabulling to Yellowdine will be tough. Respect.


Mahendra Kuruppu


Camo Recommended by 11 out of 10 wayward mamils. Stay visible and stay out of the way of the road trains!


Parisa Bibbings

Good luck Gibson!


Yogesh Dua


Ronnie Mclean

Great cause. Love the blue steel, you should be an actor/model/PM


Kate Mitchell

Smash it Gib!


Philip Mitchell

Go Gib! Expecting regular lycra updates!


Adhithyaa Aravindhan

All the best Gibson, kick some cancer arse!


Patsy Mitchell


Holly Mohr

Go Gibson - ride like the wind!



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