Peter Leedman

I'm challenging myself for cancer research

It has been an extraordinary and challenging year in our “new normal” life with COVID-19.

At the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research (Perkins) we are powering away doing critical cancer research as we are absolutely committed to improving the outcome for those with cancer. In fact, the past few months has put a spotlight on medical research reaffirming its importance in our life, and illustrating how it holds the keys to the next chapter of the pandemic.

Each year I participate in an extraordinary community-driven 200 km ride to raise much needed funds for innovative, cutting edge cancer research at the Perkins. It’s a picturesque 200 km two-day ride down to Mandurah and back, and is a truly wonderful experience. 

This year, however, COVID-19 has forced a major change in the nature of the event. This year we are holding a personal challenge event - the MACA200 Challenge. 

What does that mean? Well it enables the rider to design their own event, as part of the MACA 200 Ride Challenge, that is they can do the ride in their own time on their own route and on their own terms! There won’t be a formal Perkins-run event per se, but we are encouraging people to register for the event and fundraise, as the cause and need for the funds hasn’t changed – its just the nature of the event has for 2020. 

We envisage that there will be hundreds of people doing their own ride on the weekend of October 10-11, 2020 in their own way. Sarah and I will be, still planning to go to Mandurah and staying over-night, then coming back on the Sunday – we will clock up the 200 km!

Last year we had almost a thousand riders and raised over $5.1m. This year we hope to get as many, if not more riders, as it provides a unique opportunity to have more people involved, with no minimum to raise nor is there the requirement to do the 200 km. We hope that will encourage families and others in the community, who may have wanted to be involved previously, to get on board and support the cause this year! 

The MACA 200 Ride raises funds for vital cancer research in the Perkins, which is focused on the hard to treat tumours, including liver, pancreas, brain, triple negative breast, advanced melanoma and advanced prostate cancer. We feel the urgency for our research and the need to translate our findings into new diagnostics and treatments. Our world-class cancer researchers collaborate widely to help solve the problems presented by some of these most recalcitrant tumours. 

The funds are used to recruit top scientists to WA, provide Fellowships for our brightest cancer researchers, help provide core facilities and contribute essential equipment needed for world-class science. 

My goal this year is to raise $20,000, and I hope you will get on board and support me and the quest. We REALLY need it this year.

I would greatly appreciate if you could help me reach my target! 

If you would like to donate to my quest for the MACA 200 Challenge 2020, please go to: and go to the donate tab or go directly to my page:

Thank you so much for your support of the Perkins!

Best wishes
Peter Leedman


Thank you to my Sponsors


Graham Hardie


Dusty Evans

Have a great and enjoyable ride with your family, friends and colleagues. Dusty and Anna


Mark Khangure

It is a pity that as a group you are unable to undertake your annual bike ride. Good to hear that you and Sarah will do the ride. I hope the weather is kind to you. Good luck


David Morgan

Good luck Peter ..... you deserve it


Patti Chong


Mimi & Willy Packer

Good Luck! Have fun!


Danielle Blain

Good Luck Peter. This donation is another contribution after the one I made last week to the Harry Perkins Institute which is doing such excellent work.


Erica Smyth

Peter tanks for continuing to do this


Anthony Packer

Cheers Peter



Good on you Pete!


Michael Fry


Martin Blake


Graeme Hankey


Keith Holt

Did you ever consider a ride on Swift or Rouvy? the latter may even allow a ride to Mandurah and back with real scenery!


Tom Hargreaves

Peter, keep up the great work. Cheers Tom


Tanya Orchard

Good on you, Peter. Thanks for everything you do for the Perkins and for cancer research


Peter Gammell

Best of luck Peter!


Steven Cole

keep up the good work


Peter Leedman


Peter Leedman

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