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We're a small bunch of uni students who have decided to tackle the challenge of riding 200km- a harder adventure for some of us unfit team members! However, no matter the details, we're pumped and ready to give it everything we've got! More importantly, we're aiming high for our fundraising venture ...much higher than a uni student's ever seen in their bank account!

We'd love for you, and many others, to join us and get behind the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

Needless to say, the Institue conducts groundbreaking research, making progress in the long and tedious road to find treatments and eventually, a cure for cancer. Without community support, this progress is unable to continue at the current pace.

Undoubtedly, we need not express the importance of this field as you've already found your way to our page! Have a look at our riders and their individual stories and we thank you for your support on not only our fundraising journey... but also our lovely long bike ride!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Doris Lowe

All research is a worthy cause


Alison Kirk

So proud of you KK. What a wonderful cause. Love mum and dad xx


Brian And Nikki Glover

Have fun !!!!!


Dawn Metcalfe

Good luck for the ride and the fundraising


Austin And Di Dohle

Wonderful thing to do Kaylee and gang


Roberts And Robyn Nelson

A great cause. Go get em Kaylee xx


Julia Sutherland

Great challenge Matthew. Shame we can’t be on the route to support!! Good luck to you all.


Regali Vito

Go for it mate Very proud of you


Deb Dowson


Meredith Eddington

Thanks so much for helping to raise funds for cancer research, it's a terrific ride, you'll love the weekend.


Dawn Metcalfe

So proud of you for taking on this challenge again xx


Erin Bock

You’re incredible Tash! Good luck - sorry I’m not around to shake a tin for you! :)


Sue Abbey

All the best .... ride fast


Shontelle Bowman


Katie Metcalfe


Mum And Dad Forkin

Well done Ella. Love ya guts! xx


Rae Murphy

All the best Ella xx


Tania Burke

Good luck Tash! Good on you for doing this challenge.


Bonnie Regan

Proud of you mate! You should be proud of yourself too!!


Katie Barr

Go Tash! The first 200ks are the worst, it's easy after that!


Ann Lyall

Good luck Tash!


Adams Contractors


Cassie Matthees

All the best Lorne X


Jaymon Kirk


Tim Bwye


Kate And Tim


Jo Haynes

So proud of you Matty!


Lou George

Go Tash!!!


Kaylee Kirk

Can't wait to do this with you xx


Joseph Scidone


Hareem Aliasad


Angus Rowe


Olivia Woof


Hannah Rankin-hume

Good luck!! xxx


Robbie Glyde


Matthew Hyde


Kaylee Kirk


Lorne Glover

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