Amy Morgan

I'm riding for Pete, the Blackburn family and all my family who have or are fighting to kick cancers butt!

This one’s for you Pete. One time only! Exclusive event… I am getting on a bike.

I have finally been convinced to get on a bike and this absolutely terrifies me, but it is nothing not even slightly comparable to what I can only imagine hearing the words “you have cancer” would feel like. 


We all have lost people we love to cancer, and we all know people fighting this battle today, we also know people who have had cancer and beat it… let’s get the latter group to be the most prominent group of people we know.

I had an  “a-ha” moment when I was listening to Kane Blackburn speak at the opening ceremony of the 2022 ride. He talked about the effect on not only the person fighting this battle but the people on the sidelines, not fighting but in the trenches for the journey.   I ride for them as well.  

I will ride with the most incredible team of people called “The Smileys”  (Team Smiley) they are exceptional humans and I know with them I will have the support and encouragement I need.  I have also convinced a group of friends to help me do this and they will ride with me, thank you to them.

I am grateful for the  brilliant brains at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.  These WA researchers are committed to finding answers faster and developing ground-breaking treatments for the hardest to treat cancers.


Because no one should have to hear those two life-altering words, “It’s cancer.”


I’m training, fundraising and riding 200km to support WA cancer research. But I’m not doing it alone, there’s a growing group of riders who return year after year to this ride. They do so not only because it’s lifechanging but because the event feels like a big reunion - where all the guests are the family you love!


I’d be so grateful for your support.


If you can’t join me (I’d love the company), please give generously to my fundraising page.


Together, we can help make the only cancer we talk about is a star sign!!!


Your Impact

So far this year I helped provide…


300 hours of medical research

hours of research

Funds raised over the years