Andrew Main-Wilkinson

Fighting cancer, kilometres at a time!

Our family and friends have been through cancer for both better and worse. 

Renae's Grandad Peter Wilkinson had pancreatic cancer, my grandfather with lymphoma, my father had prostate cancer and my brother in law with BCC.

Unfortunately our experiences with cancer havent stopped there, our friends lives have also been affected by cancer, our childrens Godparents and their family have had, breast cancer and skin cancer. 

Additionally, when I was in the military, a guy who I served with for more than ten years, one of my oldest friends, as a child, had leukaemia.

Moreover, one of the people who professionally developed and supported my journey out of defence also had her struggles with cancer.

To those who have been in our families life and been through cancer, this is for you.

I've chosen this as powerful journey to collaborate with others to overcome cancer for generations.

Any and all donations, go to defeating cancer.

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Proud of you babe x