Justin Knapp

FRANK-ly I’m just Cy-KEN-ing CHRIS-country

I hear you ask, why I’m “FRANK-ly just Cy-KEN-ing CHRIS-country”, because frankly, I’m just cycling cross country. This year, I am joining over 800 riders in a 2-day, 200km bike ride to raise funds for cancer research right here in WA, at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

Frank was the father-in-law I never got to meet, Ken was my indestructible “Jack of all trades” grandfather and Chris was a close friend and loving husband to Del and father to the Martin’s. These three are just a few of the many I know who were unfortunately taken too soon by Cancer.

Frank and Chris both passed with way too much life still to live and Ken left a legacy behind that taught me to never sit still and wait for others to do things, just get cracking yourself. So, I am.

I’m confident in saying that everyone has been affected by cancer in one way or another. It has taken many great people away too early, with only a lucky few being able to beat this monster. I can’t perform ground breaking research, I can’t assist clinical trials in a lab, and I definitely can’t break down cells to their molecular structure to find the key that unlocks the door that cures Cancer. But, I can ride a bike.

I am putting the hockey shoes aside and hanging the stick up a few times a week to get some K’s on the tredly. I’m fundraising in the lead up to the Cancer 200 Ride for Research and would love your support. Could I please ask you to spare some change and give generously to my donation page.

Help me help the Perkins beat Cancer.

Thank you to my Sponsors


The Ashton’s

You are a leader off the turf too Juzzy - congratulations for such a great cause xx



Hi Juzzy, just donated sorry it's late, better late than never. Love your passion great riding


The Grahams

Go Juzzy!


The Bakers

Go Jizzy! The thought of you sweaty in Lycra for 48 hours 🤤🤤🤤🤤


Jordy Taylor

Great stuff mate!


Maca Donation

MACA self-donation dollar match


Rebuilds Workshop Bbq


Thomas Maw

Best of luck from the other side of the world - a fantastic cause!


Yvonne Quirk

For a great cause Knappy - great work! :)


Claudia Jones

Ride hard. Ride well Knappy!




Brendon Beahan


Jamie Spouge

go you smelly lycra lover


Chad Heeney


Peter & Frances Jojart


Double Clutch Mechanical

Good on ya mate!


Jordan Olivieri


Jack Henharen

Good luck legend 🤙


Chris Pacaric



Daniel Knapp

Hey Juzzy, good luck on your ride.


Caitlin Jesse Knapp


Chris & Madi Rowe



Aidan Knapp

We know your doing this cause you like the feel of lycra on your choad. Good work


Kaz Peto

Great worthy cause and the only charity I donate too, I've lost two very very dear friends to cancer in the last three years. Another dear close friend has just been diagnosed with brain cancer. So for you do donate your time, effort, support and generosity is fantastic Justin. Good on you x x


Mark Rennie - Cabs Pty Ltd


Brayden Patching

Hope all goes well mate doing a great thing 👌🏻 #F$&@CANCER


Brayden King

Good luck mate kill it


Crissa And Harry Garland

Good luck!!!!


Janice Sander


Lisa Collyer


Sharron Gaglio


Jk & Eg

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