Liam Callaway

I'm challenging myself for cancer research

Everyone has been touched by cancer sometime in their lives. Whether the diagnosis is a loved one, family member or it’s much, much more personal, cancer is a terrible burden.

This year, I am joining over 800 riders in a 2-day, 200km bike ride to raise funds for cancer research right here in WA at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

I am training and fundraising in the lead up to the event. I'd love your support. If you can't join me (I'd love the company), please give generously to my donation page.

Please help me, help the Perkins.

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Tracey Last

Thank you for your contribution to improving the lives of patients and families


The Dominator

If you don't finish it I want all my money back with interest!


Mr Fletcher

Break a leg, I mean pop a tyre!


Kaci Johnston

so proud of you! Xx


Tanyushka Fitter

Train hard and then enjoy the ride!


Lee Payne

ride hard or ride home!


Gary Johnston

You'll smash this!


Jack Fragomeni

Good luck


Cameron Marshall

U go gamer xoxo



Lots of love and luck Gran xx


Leeanda Ainsworth

Good luck.Liam! xx


Emily Maza

yes liam u go!!!


Liam Callaway

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