Forming a team is a great way to share the MACA Cancer 200 Challenge training and fundraising responsibilities and duties.

Being part of a team means you’ll have more motivation to go for that extra ride, and a brains-trust to assist you with fundraising ideas.

The MACA Cancer 200 Challenge is fortunate to have teams from many of  Australia’s leading companies that believe in giving back to the community in which they live and work.   When a corporate team comes together with one common purpose to fight cancer, it’s extremely powerful. Many of our corporate teams are open and invite their family and friends to join them on their fundraising and cycling journey.

The benefits for your workplace and employees by joining the MACA Cancer 200 Challenge are profound. Many of our returning corporate teams note higher levels of workplace happiness, productivity and stronger working relationships as a result of being a part of our ride. It can also increase workplace health - our Title Sponsor, MACA reportedly lost one tonne of weight in the lead up to the ride one year!

Forming a corporate team starts with asking someone at work to join you. And your ask will be much more powerful if you have already signed up yourself. Once you have registered as a team captain, you will have access to a suite of fundraising and recruitment tools to make your life easier.

With COVID-19 restrictions it is important to adhere to social distancing on and off the bike. Group riding is permitted, in a peloton of which size can be safely managed within the current road conditions and regulations.

So join dozens of corporate teams who believe in stopping cancer in its tracks.